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This Cream Me is from the moisturizer gawds! It will leave you feeling moisturized without being oily. You know these stubborn (embarrassing) areas, like by the ankle and sides of the foot that refuse to accept lotion- this cream sets them straight - you will be good all day long. And you’ll smell like a natural Queen or King (boo tested, approved and stealing too much- get ya own boy) this is not bath and body works- and it shouldn’t be cause I said ALL natural stuff. Also good to use at nights and a great way to keep hands moisturized after each wash.


I'm sold on the Cream Me body cream!

L. Tison

The Body Polish I swear is like no other scrub that I have used, for one it has lavender which is like one of my favorite scents and a moisturizing feeling after it is washed off the body.  I was a strictly Bath and Body Works aromatherapy kind of girl but this Cream Me moisturizing body cream have me changing my mind because of the different natural ingredients and the feel of it after.  It doesn’t feel dry on your skin hours later, it is like it seeps into your skin and keeps you moisturized for the whole day. These products btw are all handmade, female entrepreneur, black entrepreneur and Made in America…what more can you ask for.

Melissa M.

This Whipt hair cream is fab. Love it. As cold as it was today my hair is not dry. I use it on my hair at night too. 


Cream Me is absolutely delicious. Leaves skin nice and smooth with a glow. 

Wayne S.

Just thought I should let you know that I have used your Whipt hair product and it is very good. 


Cream Me. Rich soufflé for my skin and I use it all over, right after my shower. I don’t know what I love most - the way it melts in or the delicious aroma that remains. It’s all good, Isabella Stone!


So far, I love FŪL Hair Oil. I was worried it would be oily or greasy but absolutely no oil comes off on my hand or is seeping out on my pillow case.

Janine B.