About Us

Hello, and welcome to Isabella Stone Beauty.

It’s a pleasure having you here.

Isabella Stone was created from home, after randomly picking up a scissors and chopping off dead strands of texturized and colored hair, three years ago. Chopping off my hair was certainly was not the first time or unusual that I had done so. 

I compared my hair. My natural curls looked fresh, coily and relieved to be detached from my chopped texturized hair; the fine, lanky and texturized ends which weighed my natural curls down. 

I decided to focus on my natural hair care and growth. I stopped relying on applying loads of conditioner and texturizer, believing that both gave me more "hair manageability." 

An attitude change about my natural hair texture led me to find ways to better appreciate and care for my hair. Natural ingredients and a simple hair care routine enabled me to sustain my natural hair's manageability and health. 

So yes, devote yourself to trimming too! My salon visits give me the opportunity to get a fresh trim and blowout which have become my opportunity to see new hair growth length by comparing previous pictures.

I shared these products with family and friends, knowing how they benefitted me with no expectation. Instead, I would receive little messages stating their love and personal results. My greatest amusement were the pictures sent of their "emptying containers" as if saying "Hint. Hint. Fill her up"

Today, my natural hair is flourishing, healthy, long, thick, bouncy, flowing, shoulder strap length and my shrinkage is real!

Our, Isabella Stone Beauty hair and skin products include:

  • Whipt Hair Cream is for dry, kinky, curly and coily hair types
  • FŪL Hair Growth Oil is for all hair types 
  • Cream Me, simply a little goes a long way
  • Body Polish is a simple exfoliating and relaxing treat



Founder of Isabella Stone Beauty